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Building Self-Sufficiency

With an awareness and understanding of the challenges and barriers to self-sufficiency of the impoverished, those in decision-making positions are better prepared to develop or expand services to alleviate these barriers as well as assist others in improving their situation.  That being said, together with Pickaway County Community Action Organization (PICCA) and Pickaway County Community Foundation, United Way of Pickaway County is coordinating a three-prong movement to build self-sufficiency in Pickaway County.

PHASE I: Bridges Out of Poverty Training
The goal of Bridges Out of Poverty (BOP) is for agency employees, business leaders, community volunteers, elected officials, faith community members, and public servants to begin an enlightening journey toward creating a supportive relationship with individuals living in poverty.  We are working toward opening up conversation on what poverty looks like in our community and how we can tackle this issue together to create a more prosperous community for all.  Based on the work of Dr. Ruby Payne and the book, “Bridges Out of Poverty”, this one-day training discusses the mental models of economic class, causes of poverty, and the hidden rules of class.

PHASE II: Poverty Simulations
While BOP explains the models, causes, and rules of poverty, unless you experience poverty it is difficult for one to truly understand.  Poverty simulations interactively immerse you into the throes and realities of impoverishment.  Through a guided experience, participants are exposed to the actualities of living in poverty, including the challenges of navigating the complex world of government services and other crucial service providers.

PHASE III: Implementation of Programming
Undoubtedly, the first two phases of Building Self-Sufficiency in Pickaway County—awareness, education, and sensitivity to poverty—will generate a multitude of ideas on how to move forward.  Phase III utilizes collaborations and the networking fostered through the first two phases to implement services that truly make a difference in our community.