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Education & Training Program

The Education and Training Program, operated by Pickaway County Community Action Organization (PICCA), partners with several area employers, providing innovative training tracks for those needing job training and employability skills. Through these tracks, unemployed or underemployed low-income Pickaway County residents are connected with education and job training opportunities to attain employment in growing fields in their own local community.

The program is unique in its approach to both educate participants academically in their pursuit of obtaining their GEDs if needed, while providing technical training in several area industries. Through the program’s individualized training, students work in growing fields including construction, clerical, automotive technology, transportation, and maintenance.

Additionally, the program is committed to maintaining a drug free environment. Special focus is placed on substance abuse education. As each participant must past a drug screen prior to acceptance in the program as well as being subject to random drug screens throughout, there is an accountability aspect to the program that promotes healthy lifestyle and a zero tolerance of drug use.

Specifically, outcomes of the program include:

  • To have a minimum of three training site options for job skills training for each participant
  • 70% of those participants who complete the program will obtain job or education placement within 90 days of the program’s completion
  • 50% of those participants with an Individual Service Plan goal (ISP) to obtain a GED will do so through the program.
  • Provide weekly stipends to enrollees participating in 24 hours of job training per week throughout a 12 week program.
  • Increase access to substance abuse education services

The Education & Training Program addresses those hindrances of educational deficiencies as well as substance abuse issues that often kept residents from obtaining employment and thus becoming self-sufficient.  Together, United Way of Pickaway County and PICCA make lives better for clients, their families, and our community.