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Our Board of Trustees

The United Way of Pickaway County Inc. is controlled by the Board of Trustees, comprised of no less than fifteen members elected by the general membership. At least twelve of these trustees are full voting members. The balance may be composed of advisory trustees – members who serve on committees, but do not act as partner liaisons or have voting privileges. All trustees serve two-year terms.

Policies, activities, procedures, and agencies supported by the United Way of Pickaway County Inc. are determined by the Board of Trustees. The community volunteers who lead United Way come from all walks of life and reflect the cultural diversity of our area.


Jama Cobb, President & Interim Executive Director

"If not me, then who? Nothing brings me more happiness than trying to help the most vulnerable people in society. Never underestimate your ability to make someone else's life better, even if you never know it.







Kim Halley, 1st Vice President

"I choose to volunteer for UWPC over other local organizations because of the wide variety of needs that they address in our community. Like many geographical areas, there are a lot of needs in Pickaway County and we can't reach them all. However, UWPC helps in four broad areas (Education, Health, Income, and Safety Net) to 19 partner programs and multiple community initiatives. ;I know that many different types of people are getting the support they need. The money and time UWPC gives enables individuals and families to be better equipped to give back and Make Pickaway Better."






Nathan Anderson, 2nd Vice President

"To those hesistant about giving, I assure you as a trustee of UWPC and a 15-year county resident, your donation helps support so many throughthe services provided by partner programs and community initiatives."








Kelsey Kohler, Trustee

"I have involved myself with UWPC because I see the need of the many across the county, that together, we can help. As we utilize our resources and come together as a community, everyone benefits."










Lisa Lightle, Trustee

"Making a difference is important to me because all people count. Helping people and partner agencies right here in our community is making Pickaway County a better place to live and work!"






Jeff Phillips, Advisory Trustee

“Pickaway needs people to make a difference because…it takes the effort of an entire community to improve the quality of life here.”








Sean Ruth, Trustee

“I make a difference because I care about our community and I know that there are people within our community that could use help being lifted up in their lives. It’s easy to take things for granted and to only worry about yourself, but I find that it’s just as easy to make a difference by being a small part of the United Way of Pickaway County and worrying about others.





Tiffany Twining, Advisory Trustee



Stacy Young, Trustee

"I help to make our community better by giving my time and talent to UWPC. Most families today live on a limited income and are unable to dig into their pockets to help build funds for projects needed in their community. I am no exception. My time and talent, including my organizational skills and creative thinking, do make Pickaway better. I encourage all residents to share the same - give, advocate, volunteer."






Chad Michael, Trustee









Michelle Blanton, Trustee





Luke Thompson, Trustee