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Partner Highlight: Meals on Wheels

Food. Safety. Independence.

These are the three words that come to mind with the Pickaway Senior Center’s Meals on Wheels program – a United Way of Pickaway County Health Partner Program.

On average, Meals on Wheels utilizes seven meal routes to deliver approximately 375 lunches a day to seniors over the age of 60 right here in Pickaway County. That equates to approximately 130,000+ meals delivered annually for those who are unable to prepare their own meals or those with caregivers that cannot prepare meals for them during the day.

For the home bound, this program is a lifeline as it enables them to stay independent and thrive in an environment they are most comfortable in – their home.

Once a client has been brought on for the Meals on Wheels program, a delivery schedule is set up Monday through Friday and an assessment is done after 30 days to measure the ongoing needs of the service for the individual client.

Outside of addressing the immediate nutritional needs of a Meals on Wheels client, the program offers an extra layer of safety for client families who can rest assured that someone is checking in on their loved one while at work.

Tim and Susan (names changed to preserve anonymity) are two such clients of the Meals on Wheels program who depend on the program for an array of means.

Tim’s ailing health rendered him unable to readily make his own meals each day, adding extra duties for Susan to meal prep for the two who was also dealing with health issues of her own. Then, due to some ongoing family circumstances the couple became the primary caregivers for their two grandchildren.

Very quickly Meals on Wheels became their connection to hot and ready meals in their home, but also provided them with a conversation point to organize for family meals and bond with their grandchildren.

“I wanted to be able to provide some stability for these young boys and gathering around the table together as a family is so important to me,” said Susan.

Meals on Wheels provided Susan and Tim exactly that. While this was the case for one couple, others may receive food assistance on a more temporary basis as they rehabilitate broken arms or transition out of the hospital for small medical procedures.

The Pickaway Senior Center is doing wonders within the community in which it serves each and every day through the Meals on Wheels program as it allows seniors to stay independent and preserve their quality of life while doing so.

To find out more on the Meals on Wheels program or to refer a client visit their website here. Readers can also donate to the United Way’s campaign which helps fund the Meals on Wheels initiative at the link provided here.