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PICCA launches Ashville, South Bloomfield transit options

PICCA adds flex pickup and dropoff options to Ashville and South Bloomfield.

Our partner program at PICCA invites you to "Hop on the bus!"

On Tuesday's and Thursday's each week from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., PICCA transit is offering flexible point bus service between Ashville and South Bloomfield in Pickaway County. According to the organization, flex routes refer to "a deviated point route, keeps a regular and hourly scheduled route, but can deviate from the route to pickup or drop off passengers along the way to almost any address."

Once a passenger is picked up from one of these flex routes, the bus returns to its regularly scheduled route. Flex pickup locations in Ashville and South Bloomfield can be arranged by calling PICCA dispatch at 740-474-8835.